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Our Premium Traffic Source Will Help You Get The Leads And Sales You Need... Guaranteed!!

Hey Jason here,

Let me ask you a question?

Do you find yourself in a constant struggle to get high quality leads for your online business?

...And I’m not just talking about opt-ins but actual leads that turn into SALES?

There is an ever-growing influx of junk traffic and new Solo Ad Vendors who are flooding the market place with low quality traffic and non buyer leads…

This is a REAL problem and it pains me to see this, as I know what you really need is qualified BUYERS..


Well Don't Worry...

After 11 years of combined experience in the traffic business we've developed a unique method that will allow you to get results with high engaging subscribers that will pounce on your offer..

It's important to us that you walk away with results....

100% Satisfaction Guarantee Solo Ad

We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase you make. 

If you are in any way dissatisfied with the campaign we will help you and advise you on how to achieve the right results for your offer.


"I've purchased more than 30k in the last few months from Jason"

-Jan Brzeski-


"The Most Precious Traffic I've Purchased" 

-Aliz AJ-


"Ordered Over 10k Clicks...Average Of 50% Optin + Tonnes Of Sales" 


Marketers Put 100% TRUST In Us To Deliver Every-Single-Time

"8K Clicks...Delivers Super Fast Too!"

-Jan Brzeski-

"49.3% Optin...His Traffic Is Awesome!"

-Klaus Strasser-

"Sales: Yes (Loads) Seriously Fresh And Super-Responsive"

-Paul Graham-

"Jason Is One Of My Regular Suppliers For A Long Time Highly Recommended"

-Wilfred Baker-

Our Quality Guarantee

One thing we really pride ourselves on is the quality of leads we provide to our customers.

A lot of time and effort goes into the careful analysis of traffic sources and only those which meet our stringent quality standards are added onto our lists.

We hand pick the VERY BEST leads within your niche and makes sure your offer is put in front of targeted and engaged subscribers.

What Exactly Are You Getting?
  • Fresh 100% Unique Human Traffic

  • 90% Minimum Tier 1 

  • 15% Overdelivery (From my tracker)

  • A full funnel review and Optimization Strategy

  • 100% BOT Free traffic

  • Live tracking stats report 

  • Customer Support

KJ Mayes, Online Marketer

"Jason is a long lasting traffic vendor who is smart and truly cares about your results. Listen to every word of advice this guy gives you because what he says is golden"

"Sales: Yes as always...He is my main go to guy for quality traffic"

-Zil Norvilis -

"He is fast, reliable, consistent and a great person to work with"

-Darren Goligher-

"Made a couple of solid sales and most of all his subscribers are very responsive"

-Karim Chourabi-

What To Do Next?

You can have high quality traffic coming to your offer within hours, just follow these simple steps:

Select Your Package

Confirm Your Order Details

Submit Your Tracking Link And Swipe Information

NOTE: If you don't have a swipe don't worry, we will write one for you. Just leave the field blank and we'll take care of the rest...

What Will Happen After You Order?

Once the steps above are complete I will personally review the order and make sure the funnel is set up correct and a good fit for my list.

You will hear back from either myself or one of my team within 8 business hours, and from there we will run the campaign

We will review your information to see if your offer is in good order, if so we will get your campaign setup and running ASAP 

We are also happy to answer any additional questions you may have...

Why Chose Jason Solo Ads?

Unique, Fresh Targeted Leads Added Every Single Day!

Extensive List Hygiene To Maintain Quality Standards!

Your Offer Will Be Promoted To Real Qualified Buyers Giving You The Greatest Chance Of Sales!!!

100% Tier 1 Traffic (Real Buyer Power)

Over A Decade Experience in Providing High Quality Traffic To BizOpp And MMO Niche

Ready To FLOOD Your Business With The #1 Traffic Online?

90% T1 Traffic

100 Visits


200 Visits


300 Visits


500 Visits


1000 Visits


2000 Visits


3000 Visits


100% T1 Traffic

100 Visits


200 Visits


300 Visits


500 Visits


1000 Visits


2000 Visits


3000 Visits


Don't see the package you need? Hit the button below and lets chat about a custom package for you.

Thanks again for stopping by JasonSoloAds and I look forward to us connecting and scheduling your traffic. 

Talk soon…

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